Season Come and Season Go - Episode Description

In this podcast episode, the hosts delve into personal challenges and life’s unpredictable storms. They begin with a lighthearted discussion on cultural norms around pumpkin spice season and Christmas trees, moving onto more serious topics like personal challenges, using food as comfort, and the pressures of living up to others’ standards. They emphasize that failure is a stepping stone to success and stress the importance of having a supportive circle during challenging times. Tune in for a heartwarming chat, valuable life lessons, and a dash of humor.

Fueled by Failure - Transcript

 0:00:00 – Narrator

We go together like Peas & Carrots! The Peas and Carrots Podcast, sharing life from our piece of the vegetable patch Brian and Kayla Sanders.


0:00:11 – Welcome to the peas and carrots podcast. I’m Brian and I’m Kayla.


0:00:14 – Brian

I’m also known as carrots and I’m peas so and there’s being K and all the other nicknames all sorts of crazy nicknames, yeah. I just didn’t make everybody aware. In case you hear somebody else in the studio, we have Christian Studer, who is in the studio with us today.


0:00:30 – Kayla

Mm-hmm. And he’s training us on this video mechanism that you’ll start seeing videos of the peas and carrots podcast, and Christian and I have learned that you are very inquisitive, so instead of just following instructions, you have to question every instruction.


0:00:48 – Brian

So that’s a bit of an overstate. No, I don’t think so.


0:00:51 – Kayla

It is anyway.


0:00:53 – Brian

I saw two buttons. Here we are and y’all kept pointing to one button and saying press the red button.


0:00:59 – Kayla

I don’t press this button. No, you press the red button.


0:01:02 – Brian

See, that’s why I’d make a good.


0:01:03 – Kayla

We just have to give you a hard time truer words have never been spoken. So what’s up in the world of peas and carrots?


0:01:12 – Brian

well, we almost died this weekend. We got home.


0:01:16 – Kayla

It’s a little drastic, but okay.


0:01:20 – Brian

Crazy, crazy storms move through the area.


0:01:24 – Kayla

Yeah, we did.


0:01:25 – Brian

Saturday was a little wild yeah we live right next door to like Blacksburg Virginia, the home of Virginia Tech, the game was supposed to start at 12 noon. Yeah, it did not get really started till 615 that evening Because of storms.


0:01:41 – Kayla

I mean Lightning it was lightning that I have not seen since we lived in New Orleans. It was a good one and I’m where you used to storms there, but this was crazy yeah it was a Fun time, I felt very sorry for those that had attended the game and had to evacuate and then they had to come back and that kind of stuff. Yeah, and it was not even known until what, like five o’clock. Yeah, if they were gonna get to have the game but tech lost.


0:02:10 – Brian

But speaking of football, you were a very happy, happy girl all day Sunday.


0:02:16 – Kayla

Yes, there were 14 football games yesterday and you watched three of them. But there were 14. That’s so exciting and my team won and I say my team, because you abandoned the Saints for a season to be a what a Colts fan, because who was playing for the Colts?


0:02:39 – Brian

Peyton Manning.


0:02:41 – Kayla

Yes, and so you know not to rub it in, but the Saints ended up in the Super Bowl with the Colts.


0:02:49 – Brian

Right, so I couldn’t lose and who won and I couldn’t lose who won. I could not lose Because I was a fan of both things.


0:02:56 – Kayla

Yeah, that’s not how you get to play that they wonder in that controversial season. Oh, here we go.


0:03:02 – Brian

Anyway, my.


0:03:03 – Kayla

Saints won yesterday. Your Saints, my Saints, I was loyal to them.


0:03:07 – Brian

We had a sweet to watch a game if they’re your third, your Saints.


0:03:11 – Kayla

All I’m gonna say yeah.


0:03:13 – Brian

I guess that my team this year would be the Saints, so Okay. I’m more of a Manning cast fan where Peyton and Eli have that.


0:03:25 – Kayla

So for the non football person, what does that mean?


0:03:28 – Brian

Peyton and Eli have their own TV show on Monday nights for Monday night football and you get to watch these two stellar former quarterbacks Interpret the game it’s hysterical and their brothers, and their mom and their dad show up and they’re constantly Ribbon each other wasn’t there a week where Eli got a helmet stuck on his head or something? Peyton did because his head so big. Yeah, so there you go.


0:03:54 – Kayla

Ah, miss Kayla so I’ve noticed a new culture war.


0:03:59 – Brian



0:04:00 – Kayla

Pumpkin spice and all things pumpkin.


0:04:03 – Brian

I was about to go to political stuff.


0:04:04 – Kayla

No, we don’t do that. Okay, it’s become the new Christmas tree.


0:04:09 – Brian

We’re pumpkin spice.


0:04:10 – Kayla

You haven’t seen this, no, so every year it gets earlier, your.


0:04:15 – Brian

Instagram feed looks different than mine. Okay, I don’t.


0:04:21 – Kayla

Okay, well, most of mine is like dogs or goats or yeah anyway. There’s a whole camp of people that you should not have pumpkin until October and your Christmas tree goes out after Thanksgiving. And Then there’s a whole camp of people that the minute the pumpkin spice becomes available, they’re having everything pumpkin. Why not just do what you want to do?


Well, there’s that so, but I’ve noticed your pumpkin spice people are typically your people, who are also putting their tree out Right after Halloween, which I’m all about that, but it’s become the new judge Christmas tree up after Halloween. We normally do.


0:05:05 – Brian

Oh, I don’t use the we still live in the same house. As of when we left this morning at 715, we did but seriously, have you not seen this?


0:05:14 – Kayla

It’s just this constant back and forth of there shouldn’t be pumpkin until October. Who cares? Let people be people.


0:05:24 – Brian

If you want pumpkin.


0:05:25 – Kayla

Now go for it.


0:05:26 – Brian

I don’t have a dog in this fight.


0:05:28 – Kayla

I don’t either. I will confess this. I did not do anything pumpkin in August, but after we got back from the beach, there’s something about our beach trip that signals to me okay, now it’s fall and my brain shifted gears, so that’s where I am. September, I’m all about the pumpkin. I’m not waiting till October moving forward.


0:05:51 – Brian

Would you have these kind of conversations with your girlfriends? Wow, I’m kind of I feel a little I don’t know.


0:05:59 – Kayla

This is, this is it’s been a good run.


0:06:09 – Brian

Speaking of failure, we want to talk about failure. We want to discuss failure just for just for a few moments, because social media, instagram, facebook, tiktok Threads, whatever you mean there’s 18 million apps now all the social platforms, yeah what they present is this fake Reality overnight success that everything is a success. Yeah and all you see are the successes of people. Yeah, and what sad is that. My fear is first of all, I’ll start here is that we’re raising up a Generation who thinks that success is easy mmm.


Because they see everybody in these filters. They see everybody doing these great, magnificent, amazing things that that are on social media. Yeah and they don’t realize how much hard work may have gone.


0:07:13 – Kayla

I was gonna say they don’t realize the Attempt that it took to get that one win. We all default. Our brain goes to this place of oh well, that looks easy. That wasn’t hard for them. I think of JK Rowling and we see the success that Harry Potter has been. She had 12 rejections of her first 12 publishers rejected her every single most publishers before yeah, they are Before she finally had a win with her Harry Potter book.


I feel that and yet now, those that are of this generation that are becoming their Harry Potter fans, all they see is her mass success. They may not realize all the like struggle she went through To get that win.


0:08:06 – Brian

Yeah, sometimes. I was talking to a young person the other day and I said Michael Jordan. They said who? And To me he’s he. To me he’s the greatest basketball player that’s ever walked this earth. Yeah, all that they see are his highlight.


0:08:22 – Kayla



0:08:23 – Brian

They don’t see all of his practices. Yeah they don’t see that he played sick. That there’s all this hardship that goes in to be great. Yeah so I think Oprah Winfrey was fired from eight different stations and she got Well before she ever landed that particular gig. Yeah, lincoln failed at a store, had to, we’ve you had to get one in there Did he, I’m gonna one up you in just a second.


0:08:53 – Kayla

But okay. Go ahead.


0:08:55 – Kayla

No, you’re good, oh we. I think this is so cliche to say this, but we can learn so much more from Failure. If we’re willing to be students, then we ever will from any success that we have.


0:09:10 – Brian

This is my wheelhouse. This is where I thrive, mm-hmm.


0:09:16 – Brian

I Love to study people who endure, yeah, people who don’t give up. Lincoln, fdr, church Hill, ulysses S Grant, these are all heroes of mine. Steve Jobs, jack Welch these are all folks that, like I follow, who I read about, because they faced enormous obstacles, yeah, and they should have given up. They had to hide razors and scissors from Lincoln because he was so stressed out. They were afraid that he would commit suicide.


Mm-hmm and so everybody has failures. Everybody messes up in some area, and you learn more From failure than you do from success. So, with that being said, we want to be a little bit transparent and talk about and confess, yeah, what are some of our biggest failures?


0:10:14 – Kayla

Well, my biggest failure is friendship, and that’s really humbling to sit here and admit that I’ve really struggled to not to get friends, but to Keep friendships, because people are weird, oh gosh okay.


Well, I mean, you’re not wrong but, through Therapy and various other good tools, I’ve had to own my piece of why friendships may fall apart. And just within the last Probably three to four years I’m a better friend Because I finally sat with the reality of why do friendships now? I’m not saying every friendship is going to be hugely successful or Long-term, and some friends are friends for seasons. So I’m not saying that. I don’t get that piece.


0:11:07 – Brian

Michael W Smith lied when he said friends or friends forever. Okay, he’s lying.


0:11:13 – Kayla

He said no, but that’s another yeah. So I Just I think sometimes when we fail, we have to look at what we contributed to the failure, and so for me, it was an honest evaluation of what kind of friend am I, and my default was, if I feared that someone else was pulling away or the friendship was changing, I would leave before they could, which was very toxic, and I had to come face to face with that. I also another failure of mine. I always wanted to run a marathon and I quit.


0:11:53 – Brian

That’s not a failure.


0:11:56 – Kayla

Realization gave you grace?


0:11:58 – Brian

No, I just. I see that as a fail, because it’s something that I always Wanted to have you seen the people at the end of a marathon, how they act and what they’re going through?


0:12:09 – Kayla

I have seen their faces. Yeah, pain, well they’re, but it’s anyway I Get it. You have to be a runner to understand this, but so what would you share?


0:12:23 – Brian

Two huge failures. Want to be food Hmm, I use food as a salve. I use food as a medicine? Hmm, not. Like you know, I fall down. Get cutting them over a rubbing fried chicken Food is a comfort. Yes, it’s a comfort, it’s a mental thing that, yeah, hamburger is my best buddy and Never talks back, always love me and he’s always there for me. So food has been the greatest failure, and so what God did is he put me in a gym and he gave me 49 food allergies.


0:12:56 – Kayla

He took care of that.


0:12:57 – Brian

Yeah, and so now you know my best little friends, a carrot, and that just you know whoa you know. That’s just as if yesterday blueberries, but that’s another topic for another day and I know trying to push them on me.


0:13:09 – Kayla

You ate some. Yesterday when at home Did you put them in a plate.


0:13:16 – Brian

So yeah, okay there anything else you would like to share as far as failure, that, in order for people to accept me, I had to meet a standard set by them. Mmm and this goes back a long way. It’s I call it this hamster wheel standard that I had to get on this hamster wheel and keep it turning and and Constantly strive to meet that person’s approval. That in order to be a good person, you had to be X in order to be accepted.


You had to do why yeah and that was a fact, because I believed all that, because I had such a low opinion of me, and so that’s a huge failure and I did that for you have.


0:14:01 – Kayla

I’ve seen a huge win in that this year you have, you’ve learned to step over that. People pleasing.


0:14:08 – Brian

Now, I don’t mind pissing people off.


0:14:12 – Kayla

Wouldn’t say that, but okay.


0:14:14 – Brian

Christian works for organization. Christian, would you agree? I don’t mind. Now you think I’m okay there. Winston Churchill, who is who’s a hero?


0:14:27 – Kayla

see I had to get a Churchill quote go ahead, go ahead. I love this and I live by this. Success is not final, failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts endurance. Again, I go back to the get off the mat and try again.


0:14:48 – Brian

You get overwhelmed by the war, you get overwhelmed by what you’re facing, that this cannot be done, that that I cannot succeed, I cannot win and Therefore you just want to quit. Yeah, and therefore that’s why I study all these great leaders who they should have given up. They should have just thrown into look, I’m out. Yeah, I did not sign up for this. I am out. They didn’t. And they stood there. And here’s what’s funny about Churchill he won the war and they voted him out. Yeah, that’s just. I mean, I would just be like you ungrateful people. Yeah, I mean, I would have just written them a letter, I would have just I’ve want to kind of land the plane on this. There is no permanent success, mmm.


No there is no such thing as permanent success. Tom Brady won how many Super Bowls? Five, six I mean.


0:15:44 – Kayla

Yet he’s still through interceptions and he’s still through interceptions. Yeah and lost games.


0:15:50 – Brian

Somebody asked him he won Super Bowl two or three. He won and said what will you do tomorrow? He said I will start preparing to win the next one.


0:15:59 – Kayla



0:16:00 – Brian

Because that success wasn’t permanent. Yeah he had to continue to strive. He threw interceptions, he got sacked, he made bad decisions. Failure is a lifelong partner, and it’s one that that you need, because failure will teach you more than success ever will yeah, it will teach you what you’re good at.


It will teach you where your weaknesses are. It will teach you where you need to hire people around you. I am horrible with math. I don’t do math. You do math great. Accounting does math great it’s. Therefore I have to hire people who are great at that to put around me. I don’t do details. That’s why y’all made fun of me about this camera. I don’t do detail. I okay. There’s one button on there. I understand I’m supposed to touch one button detail wasn’t that hard.


But there are two buttons on there, so I’m trying to figure out. Am I supposed to press the first one first and the second one second? I don’t do details. I will show them smile, look pretty and talk I’m good with that. But it’s all the little button touching and record. Look at Christian laughing at me.


0:17:10 – Kayla

That’s just not me, I would add one final thought. That I’m pretty well, that’s a given. Okay, I think you’re cute, but anyway, let’s not make this uncomfortable for Christian, who’s sitting here.


0:17:19 – Brian

I don’t think that would make him a come here’s.


0:17:22 – Kayla

Here’s a truth I’ve always held to as well make sure that in your circle is Someone who is tenacious and is not afraid to push you. When you have a fail, they are not afraid to get in your weedies and say get up and try again. Now, yes, you, you need to have the freedom to kind of wallow for a little while. But we all need that person or people in our life who’s willing to come alongside us and believe in us and Push us to try again. Oh, because otherwise quitting would far outrank success.


0:17:59 – Brian

Have somebody in your corner who believes in you and will cheer you on, who will hold up a mirror and say this is where you actually stumbled, but this is why you’re also believed.


0:18:10 – Kayla

And I believe you can succeed. Yes, yeah, yeah. So let’s have a little fun. So we’re trying to end on a light note here. So we all know the interwebs are filled with memes, and so we thought we would have a moment of instead of. I mean that, I mean that.


0:18:35 – Brian

Okay, there was a woman at Kroger on Friday. We went grocery shopping after work and she was wearing an actual t-shirt that had one of my favorite memes on it.


0:18:42 – Kayla

Oh, I love it. It said I like dogs and maybe three people, and she’s wearing that in Kroger. It was hilarious.


0:18:51 – Brian

And I laughed to her and I said I like your shirt. She went, thank you, I mean she did not.


0:18:56 – Kayla

You’re not one of her three people.


0:18:57 – Brian

I’m not one of her three people apparently I mean, she didn’t, you know, react like that. Go ahead, what’s the next one? Everyone needs one friend you can’t sit next to in serious situations.


0:19:12 – Kayla

I learned this at a funeral. I did. That’s really embarrassing to admit, but we got tickled and had to. Yeah, I sat next to my best friend at a funeral and we nearly got kicked out, literally yeah.


0:19:28 – Brian

Giggling, yes, laughing.


0:19:29 – Kayla

We got. We got the giggles and it was just. I’m sorry, it really was a bad moment to get the giggles, but people were turning around and looking.


0:19:39 – Brian

It was that bad. I’ve officiated funerals Like I’ve spoken at funerals as the pastor, where people start giggling the back and I want to know.


0:19:46 – Kayla

I think it’s just nervous energy that has to release itself. Well, yeah, I mean, here we are. What do we like? I mean so this next one. I need to let you share this one, because you showed me this and we were wheezing, we were laughing so hard it was a meme that kind of turned into a video.


0:20:07 – Brian

I sent this to my best friend, stan, and it was a meme with a video on it and it says have at least six friends who would carry out your casket.


0:20:17 – Kayla

So that was the mean part, that was the mean part, and then it added a video.


0:20:21 – Brian

And it said six. It said this is my best friend. It showed one person dragging the casket down the middle of the street. I mean some of us ain’t got six baby, so there’s that.


0:20:33 – Kayla

So you sent me this image the other day and it’s a trip to Target, is what it was called, and it had the husband’s trip and there’s like four lines and he’s finished in the store, I get what I want and I leave. Yeah. Then there is the wife’s trip to Target.


0:20:54 – Brian

Is the unknown? Is expedition unknown? We search every product on every aisle and and look at everything and comment on it, and you’ll pick stuff up and show it to me Isn’t this pretty, yeah? And you’ll put it back on the shelf.


0:21:12 – Kayla

This is why it’s just best that you stay home and watch one of your shows and I go to Target. We’re both happy that way.


0:21:19 – Brian

But the meme is like the husband takes four lines, there’s like four lines.


0:21:23 – Kayla

There’s this series of back and forths, but you take 843 lines. Yeah, okay.


0:21:29 – Brian

So why do we have?


0:21:31 – Kayla

to look at everything Anywho, so this one moving on. No, no, no, no no no, no, because you don’t again. I’ve said this before you do not go to Target and tell Target what you’re going to buy. You go to Target and Target tells you what you’re going to buy. So there’s that, just as the way it is, okay. So this one is one of my favorites.


0:21:56 – Brian

The meme says go big or go home.


0:21:59 – Kayla

Some people seriously underestimate my willingness to go home.


0:22:04 – Brian

You thrive at home, don’t you? I do? Pandemic was your super bowl, it was.


0:22:09 – Kayla

It was my moment. Well, that’s not true, though, I have to confess. After about two weeks at home, I was done.


0:22:17 – Brian



0:22:17 – Kayla

I wanted to meet strangers.


0:22:19 – Brian

I want to tell a little story on her. During the pandemic, speaking of going home, there were seven weeks in which the organization was on lockdown.


0:22:27 – Kayla



0:22:28 – Brian

Well, we weren’t going out to get food at that, I mean, we grocery shop, but we weren’t like we were not doing takeout.


0:22:35 – Kayla

We weren’t frequenting restaurants.


0:22:37 – Brian

Yeah, so after about seven, eight, 12 weeks, I finally ordered takeout.


0:22:41 – Kayla

It was three months yeah.


0:22:43 – Brian

When the food came to the door and she sat down at the table, she did not realize she was doing this. What were you doing at the table?


0:22:50 – Kayla

I had my fork in one hand and I think I didn’t spoon in the other and I was doing this little dance. I was just kind of jigging in my chair and I had no idea I was doing it.


0:23:00 – Brian

It’s like what are you doing? She goes.


0:23:02 – Kayla

I was like I’m so happy, I’m so excited. It’s food. I didn’t have to cook this, so yeah, that’s great.


0:23:10 – Brian

Let’s see here Another meme. The older I get, the more I understand why roosters just scream to start their day.


0:23:22 – Kayla

So I have to kind of describe this one Picture.


0:23:26 – Brian

There’s a pelican and the meme says he’s on the ocean, he’s on the beach.


0:23:32 – Kayla

Yeah, he’s on the beach and it says don’t touch that and this. If there was ever a meme that described UB, the Pelicans leg goes to the side and it touches that Because the minute you are told don’t do that.


0:23:50 – Brian

I’m gonna do it. You’re gonna do it Just for spite, even if you don’t want to, and that’s where my relationship with God often goes off the grill. But yeah, I mean I’m gonna. It’s like, don’t go in there. Why, what’s in there?


0:24:03 – Kayla

There might be something I have actually learned with you not to look at you in social settings and say, don’t turn now, because the very first thing you’re gonna do you can have like a swivel head, and so I’ve had to learn to wait until the appropriate moment.


0:24:18 – Brian

What would your?


0:24:18 – Kayla

final one be.


0:24:20 – Brian

It’s a picture of like a little kid with this massive pizza and it says I’m into fitness, fitness, whole pizza in my mouth. That is one of my favorite favorite memes. So yeah, so hey. Thanks for listening to the peas and carrots podcast.


0:24:38 – Kayla



0:24:39 – Brian

And just this past week we had three additional winners of the peas and carrots coffee mugs, and we have something new that we will be sending, starting this week. Autograph pictures of Miss K.


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If you go to our website and you answer the trivia question, not only will you get a mug, we have brand new stickers.


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0:25:03 – Kayla

You’re so excited about these stickers Because they’ll look amazing on someone’s water bottle their laptop a journal.


0:25:13 – Brian

This is a big thing now, isn’t it?


0:25:14 – Kayla

Yeah, and Robin, our graphic designer, did an incredible job, so we’re excited to share these and they will go to. So, anyway, go to our website. Look for the trivia button.


0:25:27 – Brian

So you could win a coffee mug and a pack of stickers and a sheet of stickers. Okay, yeah. All you have to do is answer this week’s trivia question.


0:25:34 – Kayla

Which is what is one of your favorite funny memes? Describe it to us. That’s great and so this could be fun.


0:25:42 – Brian

So you win a mug and a sheet of stickers. You go to our website, peasandcarretspodcastcom. Once you’re there, what do you do?


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0:25:58 – Brian

Thanks for listening. You can search the peas and carrots podcast wherever you get your podcast.


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0:26:09 – Brian

And also follow us on Facebook and Instagram. Just search for the peas and carrots podcast. Now I wanna fit a whole pizza in my mouth for lunch today. Ha ha, ha ha.


0:26:19 – Narrator

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