Season 3, Episode 6: Life Is Not An Infomercial

Life is not an Infomercial - Episode Description

Ever wondered how a simple change in tradition can spark an entirely new adventure? That’s exactly what we experienced when we traded the frenzied energy of game night for a whimsical movie evening with the enchanting ‘Wonka’ prequel. Join us as we revel in the magic of unconventional Valentine’s Day gifts and share the heartwarming tale of our team rocking pajamas for charity. Plus, Kayla discusses her personal strategy for navigating the great British tea shortage!

Navigating life’s trends can often feel like a tightrope walk between authenticity and expectation. The relentless current of home design trends and the overwhelming tide of medication ads prompt us to question the impact on our self-esteem and overall health. We advocate for staying rooted in one’s true self, even as the world spins in endless cycles of change.

Now, let’s get personal. Our everyday decisions—from morning caffeine rituals to our stance on the controversial top sheet—can say a lot about us. We chuckle over our bedtime quirks and debate the merits of digital versus print in the book world. We even navigate the whimsical waters of seasonal preferences and the daily dynamics of driving and swimming. And remember, when it comes to getting in touch, we’re all about that text life. So, fire off a message and share your own unique preferences—after all, life’s too short to not celebrate the little things that make us, well, us!

Life is not an Infomercial - Transcript

0:00:00 – Announcer

We go together like Peas and Carrots. The Peas and Carrots Podcast, sharing life from our piece of the vegetable patch, Brian and Kayla Sanders.

0:00:11 – Kayla

Welcome to the Peas and Carrots Podcast.

0:00:13 – Brian

I’m Brian and I’m Kayla, and welcome to this week’s edition of what’s going on in our vegetable patch veggies and weeds and all.

0:00:22 – Kayla

Well, it is winter, so what’s up in the world of Peas and Carrots?

0:00:26 – Brian

We did not watch the big game.

0:00:28 – Kayla

We did not this is the first time, and probably our entire married life, that we opted to do something different. Yeah, we watch a movie.

0:00:36 – Brian

We were just we’re into a certain television series and we just, yeah, you know, it didn’t know we had snacks, we did. Now we prepared like we were going to watch.

0:00:48 – Kayla

We did, but then we decided we’re gonna watch a movie and then after that we watched a series that we’re watching.

0:00:54 – Brian

You cook sausage balls? I did. I made your favorite snack.

0:00:57 – Kayla

I love them but at the last minute we just kind of went meh not interested and turn out to be a great game but apparently it was the most watched TV viewing since the moon landing.

0:01:09 – Brian

No, apparently no, thanks to us. There you go.

0:01:13 – Kayla

Speaking of movies, it was our third time watching Wonka.

0:01:18 – Brian

Yeah, it’s the new movie, it is the prequel to the original. We are loving it. She, y’all, she just loves this little movie, every song, she can, yes, and she knows all the characters and now with this, you did something for the entire par team for Valentine’s Day.

0:01:36 – Kayla

You ordered some candy that did what it turns your mouth blue. It was actually Wonka candy, it was it was the new candy for the movie.

0:01:46 – Brian

It was the shape of his hat and you eat that and it turned your mouth blue some said it was good, some said it was disgusting.

0:01:54 – Kayla

But we had a lot of blue tongues.

0:01:56 – Brian

There you go. And I tried to get Wonka chocolate, but they no longer manufacture, do they no longer? Many. They say it’s too difficult to make.

0:02:05 – Kayla

Speaking of Valentine’s Day, yes, you did honor my wish not to give me. I told you I do not want flowers and I do not want chocolate. So how literally did you take that?

0:02:16 – Brian

I didn’t get your flowers chocolate, but I went to your favorite little store here in town that’s called sugar magnolia. I got you a big Valentine’s Day mug, which you love. It’s adorable, and a bunch of rifle paper stuff and A sucker that’s as big as your head.

0:02:34 – Kayla

Yes, so you, by the letter of the law, you did like not honor Valentine’s.

0:02:41 – Brian

Day. You know the stationary is the way to my heart. She got rifle paper. What are?

0:02:47 – Kayla

you called them, and highlighters and the notepad.

0:02:50 – Brian

Yeah is a good day and she likes to play with that stuff, like she’ll open it up. I don’t play with it.

0:02:56 – Kayla

I use it, so okay that’s what you want.

0:02:58 – Brian

Okay, I do probably play with it a little bit.

0:03:02 – Kayla

So our team did something very fun yesterday in honor of a, a ministry project that our WCQR team has done. They collected pajamas for children in foster care Situations or other underprivileged kids. They collected pajamas and so what did the entire team do yesterday to come alongside them?

0:03:26 – Brian

All across PAR, it was pajama day and everybody. Fantastic, and you’re I mean I had team members reach out and say this is the most comfortable day I’ve ever had it work.

0:03:37 – Kayla

So every time that WCQR does pajama project will just have pajama day and team members can donate Pajamas, and some teams all went in together and got pajamas and sent them for, so it’s just a fun way to come together and yet working in your slippers is awesome one of our team members, Doug, brought his four-foot Jimmy.

0:04:00 – Brian

Neutron stuffy to work and he said he had to wrangle it away from his daughters.

0:04:07 – Kayla

One of our friends, Heather. She had her sleep mask on.

0:04:11 – Brian

I’m doing not for the whole day, but it was great Some some people had on their pajamas plus house coat our friend Derek had on his onesie.

0:04:19 – Kayla

That’s like a shark costume.

0:04:20 – Brian

So when it pulled, all the way to it had like a shark head.

0:04:24 – Kayla

I’ve never, I’ve never seen fantastic I’m very proud of our teams.

0:04:28 – Brian

Yeah, Okay, okay, I’m breaking news news, miss Kayla.

0:04:33 – Kayla

There is a tea shortage in England.

0:04:36 – Brian

I mean they’re actually walking in the supermarket and there’s no tea. The whole tea section is.

0:04:42 – Kayla

This is a travesty. So yeah, I’m not sure what’s going on exactly and I have to research this, but tea shortage that’s gives new meaning to the Boston Tea Party.

0:04:53 – Brian

Well, that’s a. Are you worried about this coming to America?

0:04:56 – Kayla

I’m stocking up this weekend.

0:04:58 – Brian

Are you really?

0:04:59 – Kayla

Yes, I am baby, we’ve got care not.

0:05:02 – Brian

We have, more we’ve. This is not like a toilet paper crisis. You tell that to a British person okay, and you take your tea seriously take my tea very seriously, so yeah, but you don’t have biscuits, but you don’t have little cookies with it Sometimes I do, you just don’t know oh, I gotta find these cookies. I’ve been, I’ve been y’all I’ve been craving. Well they’re technically cookies.

0:05:25 – Kayla

They’re a healthier option that has like nut butter on the inside. You can’t eat them anyway. It’s like almond butter or something. So, yeah, you can’t do that.

0:05:38 – Brian

But here we are, here we are. Well, you know, there you go. There’s a tea shortage in England. Stay tuned, ignore the infomercial. You ever been up late at night and these infomercials come on, for you know they’re they’re selling the latest thing that can grow hair. You remember when they actually sold spray paint for hair?

0:06:00 – Kayla

I do Ron Cole but you don’t even. Here’s the thing, and this is what you and I were talking about the other day. You don’t even have to be up late at night. If you turn on your television or connect to social media for even 10 minutes, there’s going to be something that’s messaging Something to you that you need, that you desperately need in your life to make it better, and Some of it’s good. I’m gonna say this up front we’re gonna stay away from certain things that might come to mind and they come to mind for us as well but we want to keep this family friendly.

0:06:37 – Brian

Can I just say something? You just said something very powerful. I think social media is worse for this than than like.

0:06:44 – Kayla

Instagram has become a cesspool of selling you something. I hate to use that word because it is a very strong word, but you can’t scroll through a feed anymore Without someone trying to convince you that you must have this to make your life better. So you and I work. We were chatting about this the other day, and these are some of the things that We’ve noticed, and we are saying no to them.

0:07:12 – Brian

Okay, body image everybody and now that you’ve said this, there’s a lot of stuff on Instagram and on television About get this and your body can look like this or like get this and you can do this, and I think that that’s dangerous to an extent, because there’s this ever-progressing standard that you can never live up to and it gives a quick fix, as if you drink this or you wear this or you do this it’ll solve all your problems.

0:07:45 – Kayla

You’ll instantly slim down and you’ll look better and thinner and all these other things, and it’s not realistic For the average person, and especially one who struggles with body image and for folks like me or anybody else, you see those as ways out of your perceived. Yes. Problem yeah, I can buy people are gonna buy it.

0:08:11 – Brian

I can buy that vitamin, I can buy that cream, I can buy this particular powder if I wear these shoes or this exercise.

0:08:19 – Kayla

That’s very I’m gonna be more motivated to go.

0:08:23 – Brian

No, you’re not so that’s the thing one for me.

0:08:27 – Kayla

Yeah this push. Now, listen, you do you. If coloring your hair or getting Botox or buying this cream is what you need in your life, you do you. But it is this powerful message. Just until recently, I have to say, the world has shifted a little bit about gray hair. But you, how many hair color commercials have we had to sit through? How many Botox commercials or magic wrinkle creams? Or be a younger version of yourself and, trust me, I struggle enough. When I look in the mirror and I don’t see Kayla, who was 30, I see this reflection now that she has wrinkles, she has gray hair. She, she doesn’t have the tight skin that she had at 25, but aging gracefully is a beautiful thing. Not having to adhere to all this messaging that you must stay young and because, trust me, there’s gonna be a point where the outside is not matching the inside.

I’m not able to do the things I could do it.

0:09:37 – Brian

I was watching the golf tournament yesterday evening and there was a commercial for men to have Botox. There was a guy oh yeah, getting both.

0:09:46 – Kayla

It’s the big thing right now.

0:09:48 – Brian

Well, I’ve got a cheaper way to do that. Y’all eat. Fat will push the wrinkles, just say. But I was shocked. I was shocked to see that and this isn’t me, and perhaps that’s awful of me being like a stereotype but when I think of Botox treatment, for some reason I think of women getting. I never thought of a man getting this oh, there’s yeah. I mean and and that’s me and I hope that that isn’t me being stare I mean, I hope I’m not being offensive, but I was just shocked by that.

0:10:21 – Kayla

It does seem they’re going after a growing market, but yeah, it’s. And again, we all fall prey to these things that are gonna make us feel better about ourselves or boost our confidence. So listen, any of this. If you’re doing it because You’re in a place where you need that confidence boost, please don’t feel judged. These are just things that we have found. Hmm that, as we’re walking through our life, we’re realizing I can’t. That’s an impossible standard for me.

0:10:53 – Brian

I can’t. There’s a funeral home that’s in Georgia and you can add this on to your package. When you die, they will do Botox for you. Oh my gosh, they will do plastic surgery for you so that you look great in the casket and so this one, this next one, is a big one for both of us for me, and what I want to say is that there’s a generic faith versus a specific faith.

And here’s what I want to, and this is an example you see artists go on stage to get an award. You see sports figures. Actors actors and they’ll say I just want to thank God for this, okay, that’s fine, but you can’t just ascent to the knowledge of God. There has to be a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Yeah it has to be specific and it has to change you and this is going to be offensive. You can’t walk on stage and say I want to thank God for this and yet all these blessings, and then leave and go to an after party and and get high and like. Come here, quick. Your faith has to match your life. Let me say this your life has to match your faith.

0:12:14 – Kayla

Yeah and it seems like are you living in Christ or are you living for Christ to do something for you?

0:12:22 – Brian

There’s that. It’s like he’s a genie in a bottle.

0:12:25 – Kayla

Yeah, and.

0:12:26 – Brian


0:12:27 – Kayla

I liken it to the vending machine. Yes, it’s like you go to him when you want something, yes, and then put him down yes, yeah great analogy, so that’s a big one for me, and yet I see that everywhere.

0:12:40 – Brian

Yeah, I see that everywhere, and he’s a token Jesus, yes, so yeah, I’ll get off my soapbox now.

0:12:49 – Kayla

No, we’ve both cringed at that many, many times. The latest home trends.

0:12:56 – Brian

We would all be redoing our house every five years going record and say I don’t know what these home trends are.

0:13:02 – Kayla

So I still be stuck in 89.

0:13:04 – Brian

Okay. Well cool with my pink blanket.

0:13:06 – Kayla

We print not going there today. That blanket was nasty, it was not. It was. It had a big hole in the middle and it was nasty. Moving on, we’ll debate that later.

It was so soft everybody was doing stainless steel appliances and now suddenly they’re out. Everybody was doing. I think there’s either a trend towards I don’t want to get this wrong there is either a trend towards like mixed appliances, which would break my brain. Like that you can have various colors in your kitchen. Or I think even black appliances are in, but see, I just want to like my white appliances. I’m just keeping it real. I’m old school. Because it’s just a neutral palette. Again, you do, you. But this whole like discussion now between the whole open floor plan is suddenly out. People want like defined rooms in their house. Again, there’s this trend back towards a dining room and back towards a closed living room.

0:14:13 – Brian

Who makes this up? I?

0:14:15 – Kayla

Think it’s to sell. I really do.

0:14:18 – Brian

I think a percentage of the population wakes up one day and says you know what I’d like to have, Just a closed dining room.

0:14:24 – Kayla

They don’t until they’re told that they need to you. So there you go.

0:14:29 – Brian

And it creates this neediness that. I’m not accepted or approved.

0:14:34 – Kayla

I’m not fitting in.

0:14:35 – Brian

Yeah, I’m not fitting in. So another one for me is and we’re part of this market.

0:14:42 – Kayla

How many?

0:14:43 – Brian

Are you saying we’re old? Well, we are aging gracefully, as you say.

0:14:49 – Kayla

Very nice.

0:14:51 – Brian

But the number of medication commercials.

0:14:54 – Kayla

Oh my gosh. And this is where we’re going to keep it family friendly.

0:14:58 – Brian

Okay, here’s what I’m going to say. Why not fix the problem instead of treat the symptom? Why not try to live a healthier lifestyle? Now, let me say this I’m on several medications, but know this I’m trying to pursue a healthier lifestyle as well, and so that bothers me.

0:15:16 – Kayla

You’re not looking to a medication to fix everything health-wise. That is wrong.

0:15:23 – Brian

Right, I’m trying to, I’m actually trying to fix that and that if you take this, it can solve all your problems, but if the number of side effects it creates more, I wouldn’t. I mean some of these you don’t want to leave the house wearing white pants. I mean it’s just oh gosh, okay, it’s just dangerous.

0:15:42 – Kayla

Oh, my word. And with that. So there are just those. Those are the kind of things that we’ve noticed. You almost cannot turn on the television or scroll your social feed without something just kind of firehosing you that. If you do all of this, so maybe we all just take a breather and let our messaging come from a place within us that we know what’s a core value to us, we know what matters to us, and then just chase hard after that.

0:16:16 – Brian

And don’t buy the lie, because ultimately they are trying to sell happiness. And that’s not where you’re going to find it. So there I’m done.

0:16:24 – Kayla

There we go, this or that.

0:16:30 – Brian

You love these little games.

0:16:31 – Kayla

We’re going to play a fun little game, okay, and we’d love for you all to play along. So, yeah, maybe, as you’re listening to this, have someone play along as well. Tea or coffee?

0:16:43 – Brian


0:16:44 – Kayla

Coffee in the morning and tea at night.

0:16:46 – Brian

For you.

0:16:46 – Kayla

Yep, so both.

0:16:49 – Brian

So hot tea in the morning and then hot decaf tea in the evening? Yep, can’t do coffee. It upsets my stomach. You love the smell of coffee, I do. I love the smell of coffee and I like to buy coffee in a paper bag like, and you open it up and you put it in your fridge. It’ll make your fridge smell amazing yeah.

0:17:07 – Kayla

But I’ll say this coffee beans in a vanilla candle like put beans in a wonderful little votive and make your whole house smell so good.

0:17:15 – Brian

But the tea I drank it needs to have a little sugar and a little bit of cream in it, mine is just either black tea or, yes, dirt water.

0:17:24 – Kayla

Okay, I was going to say sometimes I put a splash, a half and half but what is a splash?

0:17:31 – Brian

Just a little bit. Why don’t we just say a little bit instead of a splash? Being a little judgy, you’re being a little British. I hope you tea shortage.

0:17:44 – Kayla

Me candies or chocolate.

0:17:46 – Brian

I hate chocolate.

0:17:49 – Kayla

So I’m guessing you would choose gummy candy.

0:17:51 – Brian

Gummy candy. But I would if I had my preference. I’d go towards sweet tarts or something.

0:17:56 – Kayla

So sour candy okay.

0:17:57 – Brian


0:17:58 – Kayla

And I’ve actually found a kind of chocolate that since COVID, it doesn’t taste like sewer water, um, and it just I, just I haven’t been able to do chocolate. Is that a new brand that’s out, but I really like it now.

0:18:13 – Brian

So I guess I’m back to what’s the brand of chocolate you do, Hu, it’s called.

0:18:17 – Kayla

I don’t know I’m probably it’s H-U is, but it’s very-.

0:18:22 – Brian


0:18:22 – Kayla

Yeah, it doesn’t have a whole lot of ingredients and fillers and it just actually tastes pretty good. So, okay, books or e-readers, books, books, yeah, I love-.

0:18:36 – Brian

I love the smell and the feel of a book. Yeah, I love turning the page. I tried an e-reader I, and it’s good to take on a trip, true.

0:18:49 – Kayla

You took a Kindle. Once on vacation, I took a Kindle.

0:18:51 – Brian

yeah, yeah but it’s just uh, I like to have a book.

0:18:55 – Kayla


0:18:56 – Brian

A summer or winter, Miss Kayla.

0:18:59 – Kayla


0:19:00 – Brian


0:19:00 – Kayla

Oh, my goodness, yes.

0:19:02 – Brian

I’m quick.

0:19:03 – Kayla

I only like winter in December, and it’s if we can have snow at Christmas.

0:19:07 – Brian


0:19:08 – Kayla

So I don’t like winter.

0:19:10 – Brian

We could have a brush or snow tonight.

0:19:11 – Kayla

They say, oh, my goodness so yeah, okay, well, there goes, fake spring.

0:19:18 – Brian

Morning or night.

0:19:20 – Kayla

I’m going to say both I love-. I just got an option on here.

0:19:25 – Brian


0:19:26 – Kayla

making the rules here. Okay, go ahead, we are. Why. I love the quiet and peacefulness of the early morning, but I am a night owl and we both know that. Morning.

0:19:39 – Brian


0:19:40 – Kayla


0:19:41 – Brian

I’m usually asleep, you’re passed out by 8.30. I’m passed out in my chair by 8.30. And then-.

0:19:46 – Kayla

But now, in your defense, we get up at 5 am to go to the gym and to do our workouts.

0:19:52 – Brian

So, yeah. I’m like does it mean I’m old that I go to bed that time? And I’m like, well, I get up at 5.

0:19:58 – Kayla

I know a lot of younger people who do. Yeah, they’re in bed by 9 o’clock.

0:20:01 – Brian

I’ve got problems.

0:20:03 – Kayla

Bath or shower.

0:20:05 – Brian

Shower. Oh, give me a bath. I couldn’t get out of the bathtub.

0:20:09 – Kayla

Oh, you could. You’re kind of grossed out, though, by sitting in bath water.

0:20:15 – Brian

Yeah, I’m not and some people are. I don’t. But I put bubbles in there and all kind of other stuff Y’all she actually buys, Mr. Bubble.

0:20:23 – Kayla

I do. There’s a kid version of it that-.

0:20:26 – Brian

She has all this bath and bodywork stuff, but what does she use?

0:20:29 – Kayla

I actually don’t have bath and bodywork stuff anymore. I got rid of all that because I wanted something that had less toxins to it.

0:20:34 – Brian

So you got Mr. Bubble.

0:20:36 – Kayla

It’s the kid-friendly version though.

0:20:39 – Brian

Can you use Mr. Teal sometimes or something?

0:20:42 – Kayla

I do sometimes use their bath salts. Anyway, we’ve digressed Driver or passenger.

0:20:48 – Brian

Driver. Well, it’s according to who’s driving.

0:20:53 – Kayla

So that’s why you’ve only ridden with me twice in the entire 30 years we’ve been married.

0:20:58 – Brian

I didn’t name any names.

0:21:02 – Kayla

I’m happy to be a passenger Driving Miss Daisy. It works for me. You can stop laughing. I just she’s a great passenger, but she’s going to help you a little bit, but when you’re speeding or you miss a road sign, there’s that Lake or swimming pool.

0:21:25 – Brian

Love how you just abandoned-. I’m just moving on. You just abandoned that this could end badly if we keep going, so lake or swimming pool. Neither Really as in to get in and swim To choose.

0:21:36 – Kayla

Would you swim in a lake or Neither, really, I would love to sit at the lake. I love going to the lake, but I’m not getting in that water because I can’t see. I’m going to swim in a swimming pool because I can see to the bottom. Come on, you have to choose. Are you a lake or swimming pool person?

0:21:54 – Brian

Who’s at the swimming pool?

0:21:56 – Kayla

That’s not part of the Wait a minute.

0:21:58 – Brian

I’m a large fellow, I don’t want people Bless your heart.

0:22:00 – Kayla

Bless us.

0:22:02 – Brian

I’m swimming pool. Okay, there’s critters.

0:22:05 – Kayla

All right, this one you chose.

0:22:07 – Brian

I get in at the ocean when we go.

0:22:08 – Kayla

A very controversial one coming out. Top sheet or blanket, blanket.

0:22:12 – Brian

I hate a top sheet. I despise it.

0:22:17 – Kayla

And I love a top sheet. It is not comfortable.

0:22:19 – Brian

So true love is I have sacrificed a top sheet.

0:22:22 – Kayla

How is it-.

0:22:23 – Brian

A blanket is soft, it’s warm, it embraces you. A top sheet is just-.

0:22:30 – Kayla

It’s cool and crisp and you are who wants crisp.

0:22:35 – Brian

If I want crispy, I’d bring fried chicken to bed. Apparently, I Ew what’s wrong with that World, that’s just. But this is a big deal for us in our marriage because I.

0:22:48 – Kayla

Not anymore. I surrendered the top sheet years ago.

0:22:52 – Brian

So now we just sleep next to a blunt. Now we have a bottom sheet.

0:22:54 – Kayla

We do yeah. So, phone call or text message oh text me. Text Please.

0:23:02 – Brian

And I’ve no.

0:23:02 – Kayla

Unless it’s going to be a detailed conversation, then a phone call can take care of it in like three minutes. But if you’re just calling just to chat, it depends on who you are I might prefer a text message.

0:23:16 – Brian

And I do love how FaceTime has kind of died away.

0:23:20 – Kayla

Yes, I’m not a fan of yeah. So, Well, yes and no, because I have a couple of friends who don’t live local and I do get to FaceTime with them, so I cherish FaceTime. But again, it’s all about who you’re talking with.

0:23:34 – Brian

I guess so All right, this one.

0:23:37 – Kayla

you have to choose one.

0:23:38 – Brian


0:23:39 – Kayla

Broadway, musical or sporting event. And no, you don’t get to choose the sporting event.

0:23:46 – Brian

Well, I’m going to go with sporting event.

0:23:48 – Kayla

And I’m going to go Broadway musical.

0:23:51 – Brian

There’s only so much froufrou and dancing and music I can take. I need somebody to tackle somebody and hurt somebody. I like going out to the theater, but I’m going to have to go home and watch John Wick or Jason Bourne. I’m going to have to. Somebody’s going to have to kick somebody’s tail, gotcha.

0:24:16 – Kayla

So Okay, well, all right then. So there you go. That’s this version of this, or that?

0:24:21 – Brian

I got one nice one for you. Oh boy, coke or Pepsi.

0:24:24 – Kayla

Oh Coke.

0:24:25 – Brian

Okay, all right.

0:24:27 – Kayla

Yeah. All right, so Pepsi.

0:24:30 – Brian

Really, either one’s fine with me.

0:24:32 – Kayla


0:24:33 – Brian

Yeah, no, so I prefer Dr Pepper.

0:24:37 – Kayla

You do. You actually prefer zero sugar Dr. Pepper.

0:24:41 – Brian

Correct, I do. There you go, all right. Well, thanks for listening to this week’s edition of the Peas and Carrots Podcast. Hey, we would like to send you a free Peas and Carrots coffee mug and a pack of cute stickers, as Ms. Kayla would say.

0:24:57 – Kayla

Indeed, I’m so excited about these stickers.

0:25:01 – Brian

We’ve had them for a couple of months now. They’re still awesome. When is the excitement going to fade a little bit?

0:25:06 – Kayla

It’s not so yeah, okay. All right, but if you are one of the first two people go to our website, We’ve actually kind of gifted more, so spoiler, we’ve had more than two people each week, which is awesome. So if you contact us, we will hook you up. Go to Answer the trivia question correctly. You just click on the trivia button.

0:25:32 – Brian

And this is the question Play along with us on this or that. Are you a phone call or text message person? Answer that question – Are you a phone call or text message person? Hey, five of you reach out, We’ll send all five of you a mug. 10 of you send you a hundred of you. We’ll have to think about it. So just go to the that’s our website, Click on the little button that says trivia and watch our question.

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