Season 2, Episode 37: Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas - Episode Description

Join Brian and Kayla as they share their Christmas wish for YOU for 2023. Our listeners have been such a gift to us this year and we can’t wait to rejoin you after a couple of weeks off for the holidays. With love from Peas and Carrots, Merry Christmas! “See” you next year! 

Merry Christmas - Transcript


0:00:00 – Announcer

We go together like peas and carrots! The Peas and Carrots Podcast, sharing life from our piece of the vegetable patch Brian and Kayla Sanders.


0:00:11 – Brian

Welcome to the peas and carrots podcast. I’m Brian and I’m Kayla. Okay, right before we came on the air, miss Kayla told me quote “be nice to people. Today you look cranky.”


0:00:22 – Kayla

I don’t think I’m cranky. Okay, you have to say it I think I’m a little crank. What’s up in the world of peas and carrots?


0:00:30 – Brian

Well, apparently I’m cranky. Well, you went to the doctor yesterday, three weeks after you fell.


0:00:42 – Kayla

I did and I just want to say thank you. Many have checked on my situation after my fall down the stairs, and my hip is healing.


0:00:53 – Brian

You didn’t.


0:00:53 – Kayla

I did not break anything. It’s going to take some time to heal. There was some tissue damage and there’s apparently a sack near your hair, so that Mine is. It’s got some fluid and so it’s just. But I am healing and I’m a little gimpy.


0:01:10 – Brian

You still can’t lay on that side I cannot, and I’ve still got some swelling. But you said it could take months.


0:01:16 – Kayla

It could take a while. I did a good job. I don’t do anything halfway so, but I do appreciate all the concerns.


0:01:24 – Brian

I just want to go on the record for everybody’s made the stark comment. I was in the truck Waiting on her to come out. I did was not in the house, I did not hear her fall, did not see her fall when I knew something, as happens when she came limping out in the Garage and then I ran to and I even tried to play it down, but it hurts so bad that I couldn’t.


0:01:44 – Kayla

But anyway, no, you did not push me down the stairs, you did not have anything to do with it.


0:01:49 – Brian

So I do feel guilty that I wasn’t there.


0:01:52 – Kayla

Oh stop, it’s all good. Okay, nothing broken, so Hallelujah number one.


0:01:59 – Brian

Okay and hallelujah number two which is we are done Christmas shopping.


0:02:04 – Kayla

We are. It’s a true Christmas miracle.


0:02:07 – Brian

We’ll think of something.


0:02:08 – Kayla

We’re fully. I know I’m like who did we forget cuz?


0:02:11 – Brian

hopefully the right people oh.


0:02:13 – Kayla

Oh, there’s that cranky.


0:02:16 – Brian

It’s a lovable crank. I’m trying to be. Accurate a lovable crank Okay if I, if somebody ever writes my life story, it should be called lovable crank.


0:02:30 – Kayla

Okay, so I have a confession. We are literally the only house on our side of the street that has not decorated outside for Christmas and it all fell.


0:02:42 – Brian

How many Christmas trees do we have in the house? Three, and you got little gnomes. And you got I’ve got Christmas decor all over the. And you got where is Snoopy? This is in his Downstairs.


0:02:53 – Kayla

And you got Mickey and Minnie and but we never got out, we never got decor up outside and it’s less than two weeks till.


0:03:01 – Brian

Christmas we have these neighbors live across street and they never decorate outside never. And they did. She’s walking down the stairs the other day and she says you know, I don’t feel as bad because the neighbors across street Don’t have anything. Well, all of a sudden other night I hear dang it. I said watch. She said the neighbors across street put lights out.


0:03:21 – Kayla

I May have to break down and put the outside Christmas tree on the porch. It’s less, we’ll see, okay, I’m just saying so.


0:03:30 – Brian

There we are, so it doesn’t bother me Again, lovable crank, I could care less. Then people don’t come in mind, you know, then people Doesn’t matter.


0:03:42 – Kayla

We’re all in the spirit outside. We’re lovable crank outside. There we go.


0:03:50 – Brian

This is gonna be a shorter podcast this week, yeah, so just know that, and we just want to take a few moments and wish all of you a very merry Christmas.


0:04:01 – Kayla

We do. We have a few wishes for you this Christmas, and it will. It’ll have a different feel to it, but we just wanted to say may your heart receive, receive whatever it needs this year.


0:04:14 – Brian

May God meet you use a cookie.


0:04:16 – Kayla

Yes, okay, we’ll find some.


0:04:20 – Brian

I’m not allowed to have them anymore.


0:04:21 – Kayla

Well, that’s true.


0:04:22 – Brian

Very sad. May your heart receive whatever it needs. Do you need forgiveness? It’s available. Do you need some hope? It’s available. Yeah, so we do pray that your heart receives that. Next, may you give yourself grace, no matter what this holiday looks like. Yeah, and this is a big, this is a very big principle for you that don’t force yourself into a situation that can cause stress or heartburn or something like that. It isn’t worth it, it’s not, it’s not worth it. So, again, give yourself some grace, no matter what this holiday looks like.


0:05:01 – Kayla

Your holiday does not need to be Instagram worthy. It can be exactly what your family needs, full stop.


0:05:13 – Brian

I’ve always I heard this about people who take these beautiful Instagram pictures and I’ve always wondered what’s on the other side of the camera? What are they not showing?


0:05:26 – Kayla



0:05:27 – Brian

Because I think sometimes we’re trying to live up to this expectation that isn’t, that’s just impossible, I mean.


0:05:35 – Kayla

And it just creates more pressure. So do not succumb to the pressure.


0:05:39 – Brian

At some point. I think we’ve bought that like hallmark movies. Can be true they can be real. And they’re not. There is never the perfect snowfall, there is never perfect peace, there is never any of these things, and if it is, it’s short lived, because we live in a fallen world. But, yeah.


0:05:56 – Kayla

On a more positive note, may what God did through a tiny baby be bigger than anything else that this year has sent your way. May you come to the end of 2023 realizing that it’s all about what happened.


0:06:13 – Brian

All that happened in a, in a manger over in Bethlehem. With that I’d like to share just a brief Lincoln story.


0:06:22 – Kayla

Really. Yes, it’s Christmas.


0:06:25 – Brian

This is a Christmas Lincoln story.


0:06:27 – Kayla

Of course it is Okay Is it okay.


0:06:30 – Brian

Yes, Lincoln had a side office next to his main White House office and it’s where he made tea. He had two secretaries, john Hay and John Nicolay. Well, Lincoln was in that office making tea and he heard a baby crying and he said, Nicolay, is there a baby in the White House? Now, in that time anybody could go in the White House and request to see the present.


0:07:01 – Kayla

Don’t try that today.


0:07:02 – Brian

Yeah, I wouldn’t try that today, they’d probably arrest you. And he said yes, sir, there’s a woman here to see you. So Nicolay walks out and brings the woman into this little side office and she’s cradling a baby in her arms and the baby just keeps crying. Lincoln never makes eye contact with the woman, he just stares at the baby and she says sir, my husband has gone AWOL from the Union Army and there’s a warrant out for him and if they find him they will kill him. Would you please pardon him? Lincoln just keeps staring at the baby as it cries.


Lincoln steps to the side, takes out a quill, writes out a pardon, signs it, hands it to her, and he can’t stop looking at the baby. Where he hands her the pardon, she turns around and she runs down the hallway and she’s screaming I did it, I did it, I did it. Nicolay here’s this. And so he starts running after this woman down the hallway of the White House. She gets just outside and he finally catches her and he grabs her by the arm and he turns around. He says, madam, you did nothing. The baby did everything.


0:08:23 – Kayla



0:08:24 – Brian

That’s here’s what I’m going to say to our friends. You can’t do anything to get to heaven. It’s what the baby did.


0:08:34 – Kayla

That’s right.


0:08:36 – Brian

So that’s my Lincoln Christmas story. That’s pretty good isn’t it?


0:08:40 – Kayla

Okay, I’ll give you that one, all right. There you go. We will end with this. You have been such a gift to us this year. Thank you for all your comments and messages. We have enjoyed getting to air quotes meet so many of you this year. We are excited to rejoin you in a couple of weeks after the holidays.


0:09:02 – Brian

We’re going to take a few weeks off.


0:09:03 – Kayla

But Merry Christmas from our home to yours.


0:09:07 – Brian

Hey, thanks for listening this past year. So many of you now have peas and carrots, mugs and stickers and from our home to yours Merry Christmas. Merry Christmas. You can search the peas and carrots podcast wherever you get your podcast or visit our website at peasandcarretspodcastcom.


0:09:25 – Kayla

When you do, don’t forget to subscribe to the podcast. You can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram. Just search for the peas and carrots podcast.


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