Season 3, Episode 2: Hello, Self!

Hello, Self! - Episode Description

Join Brian and Kayla on a journey of self-discovery and acceptance as we march into the new year. In this episode, they focus on the beauty of acknowledging our strengths and embracing the aspects of ourselves that need no change. B & K open up about skills and personal strengths that they are committed to refining, and they invite you, their listeners, to reflect on the positive traits you’re proud to carry into 2024, amidst all your goals and aspirations.

Brian and Kayla also share light-hearted updates on their new nutrition plan, puzzle-working frustrations, and travel-related anxieties inspired by a true, spine-chilling incident aboard an Alaskan Airlines flight. Get ready to laugh with B & K and be inspired to embrace goodness in 2024.


Hello, Self! - Transcript


0:00:00 – Announcer
We go together like peas and carrots the Peas and Carrots Podcast, sharing life from our piece of the vegetable patch Brian and Kayla Sanders.

0:00:11 – Kayla
Welcome to the peas and carrots podcast. I’m Brian and I’m Kayla. Welcome. How are you? Pretty good, awesome yourself, great, we are ten days in On a new nutrition plan. Oh how’s it going for you?

0:00:30 – Brian
Well, I’ve been on a diet ten days. Anybody want to fight we’re?

0:00:33 – Kayla
not on a diet. It’s a new eating plan.

0:00:36 – Brian
I’m on a new eating plan ten days. Anybody want to fight? What’s that? Tell you? I don’t like anybody oh, mmm and disclaimer.

0:00:47 – Kayla
We are not going to become those people who it’s nutrition and fitness.

0:00:52 – Brian
That’s all we talk about. I love food and I love to cheat with food, so Well, I’m not gonna lie, it’s more Eos last night. I did Google Bojangles menu today and their chicken is all allergen free for me.

0:01:04 – Kayla
Oh well, that’s not happening. Dream on, dream, big dream on, dream on. So what else is up in the world of peas and carrots?

0:01:15 – Brian
Well, now I want fried chicken moving on okay, we mentioned last week that we are now working puzzles and y’all.

0:01:26 – Kayla
The hardest puzzle a.

0:01:28 – Brian
Batman puzzle. It is the hardest during puzzle I’ve ever worked my entire I actually. I actually get angry like I have to walk away.

0:01:38 – Kayla
It’s not accomplishing the whole relaxation thing.

0:01:41 – Brian
It’s hard.

0:01:42 – Kayla
Yeah but I’m not a quitter. We’re about a fourth of the way through this puzzle. Why something we were half? No, we’re about a fourth and we’ve been at it for a week.

0:01:51 – Brian
I am so depressed right now.

0:01:53 – Kayla
You’ll be all right. Really, it’s Batman of a way.

0:01:58 – Brian
That’s one of these weird puzzles where they say it’s a Thomas Ken Kate, when I think a Batman, I don’t think a Thomas Ken Kate, and when I think a Thomas Ken Kate, I don’t think a Batman. So there’s something strange going on there. You feel better.

0:02:14 – Kayla
No, as this airs, we will be with our entire PAR team. Yeah, and what is that? Why do we? In January and July we typically all come together, yeah what every January we do, what’s called vision week the whole team comes together about 50 55 people.

0:02:37 – Brian
Par is a ministry that spread over five states or so. Yeah, team members in all those states and we get together twice a year and we’ve got a lot of new team members.

0:02:51 – Kayla
We do which is exciting.

0:02:53 – Brian
Everybody’s gonna be working on a text to do a reset where? We cast the vision anew.

0:02:58 – Kayla
This is who we are. This is why we do this.

0:03:01 – Brian
We hear everybody’s annual plans as far as, yeah, the teams and stations and there’s some good ones this year.

0:03:07 – Kayla
I’m excited.

0:03:08 – Brian
It’s. It’s gonna be fun. So yeah, there’ll be games. I think we’re going to see a movie together as a team, so yeah, fun times.

0:03:20 – Kayla
We’re in a new year. I think we have all finally agreed on that. We’ve embraced the fact that 2023 is gone gone but there’s so much chatter about a better you, and in truth, we should all be open to growth. That’s just a fact, but perhaps there are some things about us that we don’t need to change.

0:03:42 – Brian
Now, before we get deep in this, we just want to make one little caveat here for everybody. We are not saying that Christ doesn’t change us, that he’s not at all.

0:03:53 – Kayla
No, no, this is. This is in reference to if you are feeling the pressure to have all these new Intentions for 2024 and if you do, that’s great, we celebrate you, we cheer you on. But if you are and I’ve spoken to several people who are sitting here I’m limping out of 2023 and I don’t even know what’s up at this point from down.

0:04:20 – Brian
So I don’t think you’re the only one. I talked to one of our leaders this morning and he said be, I’m coming in to vision week with probably the lowest amount of fuel I’ve ever had.

0:04:31 – Kayla
Yeah and so, as I’ve talked with friends and and just listened to people, 2023 was hard, yeah, and so our gift is we want to make a little bit easier for you, and one way we can do that is let’s think together for just a minute. We, as humans, are so quick to focus on the negative. I watched this amazing video not long ago and it was actually I think it was a Dove commercial, and they asked as in women.

0:05:04 – Brian
Yes, they asked when?

0:05:05 – Kayla
well, dove does a whole line of beauty products. And they asked women To name one thing that they would change about themselves.

That’s women, women, this okay and it was so negative in every case. And then they asked little girls, no, and the contrast Between what the women said and what the little girls said was just Incredible. So it got me to thinking, rather than focusing on what’s not so great about us. Yeah, and again, we’re not playing a naive game here, where you never have to face areas where you need to grow. But what if we asked you what are three things that you love about yourself and Don’t see changing in 2024? And again, if you are focused on growth this year and you are chasing hard after some goals, get?

0:06:06 – Brian
it. Well, I think it’s okay to have both exactly hundred percent.

0:06:10 – Kayla
But we also know people who they’ve been so down on themselves for the last few years and it’s I mean as we record. This is January 11th, so a lot of goals and intentions have the wagons burning as we speak or it’s in that shoes. But how would you answer this? Be so, let’s, let’s give people an example of things I’m not gonna change. Yeah, what’s your first one?

0:06:37 – Brian
I’m gonna say this I, when I look at Brian, these are the good things. I have the gift of Leadership you do. I am going to continue to lean into that and lead the organization because that’s what you’re built to. That’s what I’m built to do, so that’s a good thing. Yeah, one from you.

0:06:55 – Kayla
Well, I have the gift of Organization y’all cannot hang on.

0:06:59 – Brian
miss Kayla, I love you. Uh-huh y’all the way the woman relaxes. Mm-hmm is she organizes a closet or the pantry, or Can I just say baby, I love you. That has never once crossed my mind and that’s okay. Okay.

0:07:18 – Kayla
I love organizing, I love attention to details, I can fiercely tackle clutter, take the emotion out of it and get rid of stuff that is just clutter in our home, and I love to design processes and systems that simplify life. And so I’m not getting rid of that.

0:07:41 – Brian
Okay, go on getting rid of stuff, but let me just say this I love seeing that in you.

0:07:47 – Kayla

0:07:47 – Brian
Cause it’s something so foreign to me, Like I’ll sit there and I’ll go what’s going on.

0:07:51 – Kayla
But when we got married, I even streamlined your closet for you, didn’t I? And you went. Well, this just makes better sense. You used to. Let’s stay on the positive design. Let’s stay on the positive.

0:08:04 – Brian
And I have, like all the shirts you even streamed line and threw away my wonderful pink blanket.

0:08:08 – Kayla
Okay, back to so, number two. What would you say? We’re going to move on from that. The people are not here for that.

0:08:17 – Brian
Yes, they are threw away. One of my favorite blankets and I didn’t have a hole in it though A huge hole.

0:08:24 – Kayla
So yeah, in my defense.

0:08:26 – Brian
I love reading, yeah, and I love having books everywhere.

0:08:31 – Kayla
And we do have piles of books and I’m okay with that.

0:08:34 – Brian
And that’s not going to change.

0:08:35 – Kayla
Yeah, I love hosting. I pride myself on others feeling comfortable and welcome in any space we share.

0:08:46 – Brian
You do love to host.

0:08:47 – Kayla
I love surprising and delighting guests when they visit us.

0:08:52 – Brian
I mean, you delight in having people over I do and having the little fruit tray and the little meat tray. You, just you delight in that. In the games and yeah, you, you and the comfort foods and yeah that is your and you want everybody to be at comfort ease. I love seeing that. That is a true gift that you have, and I’m like y’all are here, okay, what time you’re leaving. Here’s a bottle of water. Why don’t y’all come back whenever you can’t stay long?

0:09:22 – Kayla
You’re that person that would have the balloons leave at nine.

0:09:28 – Brian
There’s actually a door mat that you can put inside your house. Yep, that says leave, we’re not getting that door mat. I ordered it the other day. Oh well, amazon returns Next for me. I love to laugh, I love to be happy.

0:09:43 – Kayla

0:09:44 – Brian
And I try to fight against the gloom.

0:09:48 – Kayla
Yeah. So, Well, your role naturally presents a lot of negative situations. Really, what you deal with people? You deal with 50 people on any given day and people can be drama sometimes no, yes. You fight really hard to find the good.

0:10:06 – Brian
Well, and I love to laugh and I know this sounds stupid, but I love to be happy. So I’m going to continue to try and this may sound counter, but I’m going to lean into that and I’m going to fight to see the positive. I’m going to fight to see the happy. I’m going to fight to lean into that because I can easily be pushed toward the other side. I can easily lean toward like hopelessness. Okay.

0:10:34 – Kayla

So you at 51 and a half-ish. I’m comfortable with who I am and how I look. I’m not averse to gray hair. Now you know that for a season this really bothered me. I would look in the mirror and I would still see my chestnut brown hair. And then someone would send me a picture and I would go who is that? Because it was such a stark difference. And now I’ve embraced it. I’m too cheap to spend a bunch of money coloring my hair. Here’s my thing. It’s a lot of work. I don’t have patience for that, but I’m OK with. I mean, I’ve worked hard to take care of my body the last year.

0:11:23 – Brian
Oh, except for the stairs that hit you.

0:11:25 – Kayla
Yeah, that’s not going too well, but that’s OK. So yeah, here we are Gray hair and all.

0:11:32 – Brian
I have one more I’d like to add as a bonus. I love doing life with Miss Kay. That makes me happy.

0:11:39 – Kayla
We have some grand adventures planned this year.

0:11:41 – Brian
We do, and I want to continue to do adventures and stories and make memories, so those are things that I’m not going to change.

0:11:49 – Kayla
Yeah. So we would encourage you, take a hard look at your life and ask yourself, even as you’re struggling with things that maybe God is convicting you of and that’s OK that we’re not going to sit here today and share the things that he’s challenging us on and there are some but what are a couple of three things that you really love about yourself? They define who you are or what you find delight in, and maybe chase hard after those this year.

0:12:20 – Brian
That’s good wisdom, miss Kay. Breaking news Now. Miss Kay, I want to ask you a question.

0:12:28 – Kayla
Literally breaking news.

0:12:29 – Brian
I want to ask you a question what would you do, how would you react, if you’re on an airplane and the door blew off? I mean, you’re up at 25,000 feet and the door blew off the airplane. This just happened.

0:12:46 – Kayla
OK, we’re being brutally honest. Yes, I would probably miss my pants and cuss. I am sorry. That is as real as I can get.

0:12:58 – Brian
What can?

0:12:58 – Kayla
Brown do for you. Oh stop, it would just. That’s the least of reactions I would probably have.

0:13:07 – Brian
Because you know, as soon as that door blew off, they say oh my gosh. They said nobody stand up. Well, let me just say first, I’m going to need to potty break, I am going to have to get up.

0:13:17 – Kayla
I think that’s going to take care of himself.

0:13:19 – Brian
I’m going to aim my high and end toward that open door. Ok, that’s what I’m going to do. She’s gone, oh my gosh. Ok. Second, I’d probably scream like a girl Uh-huh. Ok. Third, I’m probably going to say some words that a Christian Presbyterian shouldn’t say.

0:13:39 – Kayla
Well, I’ve admitted that OK.

0:13:41 – Brian
I’m just. I’m just saying Cause you’re at 30,000 feet.

0:13:46 – Kayla
I’d be wanting you to hold me.

0:13:48 – Brian
I’ll be honest I would hold your hand but you look to your left and you can see Aunt Thelma’s farm below you at 30,000 feet and there’s nothing between you and that farm.

0:14:01 – Kayla
In case you all do not know what we’re referencing. There was an actual breaking news story Alaskan Airlines flight, a panel blew out of the plane because a bolt was loose. The kid sitting next to it sucked the shirt off his body.

0:14:18 – Brian
Okay, now think about that.

0:14:21 – Kayla
I did, and this is I told you, this is why I sit with so much travel anxiety, fear, irrational, irrational is based on things like this.

0:14:34 – Brian
I’m just saying that little fingers are her as a tap in that table right now.

0:14:38 – Kayla
It’s just terrifying. And my dear friend Shelly, her husband works in the airline industry and she said, oh, you wouldn’t believe the other things I said.

0:14:49 – Brian
And I’m never going to know. I don’t want to know.

0:14:51 – Kayla
I don’t want to know.

0:14:52 – Brian
But there was on a flight one time where they had duct tape on a wing. They had a fuel leak. I remember that and I actually took a picture of it and I’m like I mean, I didn’t realize it till he’s up in the air and I’m like, well, this could end badly. Hope nobody’s smoking and throws a cigarette after lights his own fire.

0:15:07 – Kayla

0:15:08 – Brian
That was a joke. That went over. That just okay. Irrational fears about traveling for me getting sick away from home. Years ago I went on a guy’s trip from the cemetery. You had a kidney stone, I had a kidney stone, yeah, and it was.

0:15:23 – Kayla
I had to call her doctor at like three in the morning and ask her to translate.

0:15:27 – Brian
I did not want to go to a doctor in Italy with that kind of a problem and not be able to speak.

0:15:34 – Kayla
Yeah, English.

0:15:34 – Brian
Okay, yeah, so there’s that you.

0:15:37 – Kayla
So we did. We talked about irrational fears that surface when you hear of things like this. And so one of mine. I’m just keeping it real. This is the kind of news I’m not here for. I can deal with delayed flights, no in-flight surface cramped seating. I’ve actually had someone pass out drunk on me on a flight.

0:16:01 – Brian
Okay, and I was, it wasn’t me. Okay, it wasn’t me.

0:16:06 – Kayla
We were in one of those situations where it was a three-seater and the guy to my right passed out and I was terrified that he was going to get sick on me at some point. And you kept telling me, pushing back the other way. I’m like I’m afraid to move him, so I’d push him. But I just have this fear of someone being ill in my space and there’s nowhere I can go.

0:16:35 – Brian
So Fears for out flying for me, people being rude or disrespectful to you or me. We boarded a flight one time and I’m a larger man. I have to have a seat belt extension, yeah, and we asked, and we don’t fly this particular airline anymore because of this thing, and she says, gosh she threw it at you, she threw it at me and she made a comment like all you fat people need these extensions.

0:16:59 – Kayla
Yeah, and I worry about. Will our luggage arrive at our destination?

0:17:05 – Brian
I worry about that because not everybody sells my size clothes.

0:17:09 – Kayla
Well, it may not be easy to get clothes regardless, so I just I do worry about that. I’m sneaking around, I worry about, will we miss a flight?

0:17:19 – Brian
I don’t worry about that. They’ll get me on another one.

0:17:21 – Kayla
Well, hopefully, but how long are we gonna have to camp out in the airport?

0:17:24 – Brian
So a big one of mine is I have a CPAP machine. Yeah and I stress continually that is it gonna break, as I’m taking it through the airport and on the plane.

0:17:36 – Kayla
Just try to be very careful and baby that and.

0:17:40 – Brian
It’s in a bad I don’t get so when we get to our hotel, the first thing I do you always plug in your CPAP always hook it up, make sure everything works, works right.

0:17:49 – Kayla
What if someone loses their mind and does something stupid mid-flight? I always worry about that.

0:17:55 – Brian
I was on a flight. This is back when we lived in New Orleans. We had a radio station in New Orleans, one in Atlanta. I used to fly the red-eye flight out of New Orleans to Atlanta every other week. I got on the that flight that particular morning and a woman Five, six rolls up, started screaming yeah, and this is before we took off, and she started beating the wall like taking her fist, and the cops came on and escorted her off.

0:18:22 – Kayla
But what if that’s mid-flight? I mean, it’s just I wonder, I mean they. They’re trained in how to well, they’re trying.

0:18:28 – Brian
I mean, here’s my thing. Why can’t you hit her with like a tranquilizer?

0:18:31 – Kayla
Oh my gosh.

0:18:32 – Brian
Okay, I’m serious. What’s wrong with that? Put her tail out till we land on the ground. You think that’s wrong to me?

0:18:39 – Kayla
I mean I wouldn’t say wrong, maybe a little harsh, but okay, I often worry about what if we have severe turbulence.

0:18:49 – Brian
You went through severe turbulence.

0:18:50 – Kayla
I did. I was coming back from you and I had been.

0:18:54 – Brian
Atlanta to New Orleans on a vacation.

0:18:57 – Kayla
We got as far as Kentucky and learned that, due to a hurricane, they were not going to be able to fly us into New Orleans, so we stayed in Atlanta. And then what they said once the Quote whether clears, we will resume flights and at that point you and I was staying in you were staying in Atlanta for work and I needed to fly on to New Orleans.

They made clear that once the flights resumed, I would need to take the first available flight. Well, the storm had not completely cleared the area, but they were resuming flights. They felt it was safe. Um, that is probably the worst flight I’ve ever been on. The flight attendants were seated the entire time. There was no Moving around the cabin. It was. The pilot was coming on about every 10 minutes to assure us that they were expecting it to be a bumpy ride and it was terrible. I have never been between the plane shaking and just the pressure that we felt Going around the the storm. I was very glad to be on land.

0:20:05 – Brian
Uh, also, we had been to turkey to do the seven churches of revelation tour. On the way back you had a wisdom tooth get impacted. I did and that was awful.

0:20:19 – Kayla
That was not a fun experience.

0:20:20 – Brian
We took off normal. When we landed, everything was fine. I did.

0:20:24 – Kayla
It was funny looking, but it was a horrible, it wasn’t bless your heart.

0:20:28 – Brian
So yeah, in the event, the next day we took you to the dentist. So yeah that’s a. That’s the only health issue I’ve ever seen on a. I mean, I’ve never been sick on a plane, have you? I mean other than that, don’t say that I’m not saying that out loud.

0:20:40 – Kayla
There’s always the first time. So yeah, so okay, I’d be really good moving forward if we could keep all the panels on the planes and you know, just calm down.

0:20:52 – Brian
And okay, one of the thing about another airline declared after that.

0:20:56 – Kayla
We won’t name any names. They were inspecting all of their planes that fit that category.

0:21:02 – Brian
They found loose bolts on several doors.

0:21:04 – Kayla
And I went. Brian were never flying that airline, so One last fact about this, about this goody the door that flew off the Alaskan airline.

0:21:14 – Brian
Uh-huh, an iPhone flew out. Yeah fell 16,000 feet. It did not crack the screen.

0:21:21 – Kayla
You just had to say that, didn’t? You had to get that in there, I think the the person who found it.

0:21:27 – Brian
It wasn’t on a lock screen.

0:21:29 – Kayla
Oh, Steve Jobs would be so proud.

0:21:30 – Brian
He would, he would I just, I find that kind of stuff in me. But it landed in a bush and they say that’s what saved it. It landed in a bush so anyway, hey, thanks for listening to this week’s broadcast, and we have for you A mug and a pack of stickers.

0:21:47 – Kayla
We’ll give away to two people.

0:21:48 – Brian
Okay, two people.

0:21:50 – Kayla
And thank you to all of our friends who answered last week’s question. Yes, but Kimberly answered last week’s question the first two people to go to our way. We had someone else as well, I think in my email but Answered this question correctly.

0:22:05 – Brian

0:22:06 – Kayla
What is one thing that you’re holding on to this year?

0:22:12 – Brian
that you like that you like about yourself.

0:22:14 – Kayla
That’s a good answer.

0:22:15 – Brian
So what’s one thing you’re gonna share with us?

0:22:17 – Kayla
something that makes you new, uniquely you okay.

0:22:21 – Brian
So here’s the deal we want you to answer that question, and if you do, you’re going to win a coffee mug and go to our website, which is When you get there, what do you do? Look for the trivia button click it and you answer the question.

0:22:34 – Kayla
What is one thing that makes you uniquely, you that you love about yourself?

0:22:39 – Brian
If going to answer that. You can go to and you click the trivia button.

0:22:46 – Kayla
You can search the peas and carrots podcast wherever you get your podcasts, or visit our website again. That’s When you do, please don’t forget to subscribe to the podcast.

0:22:57 – Brian
You can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram. Just search for the peas and carrots podcast.

0:23:03 – Announcer
For more about the Peas and Carrots Podcast and to reach out to Brian and Kayla, visit Life’s not perfect. That’s why god gave us friends like melody and candy. Check out, or search quirks, bumps and bruises wherever you listen to podcasts.






Season 3, Episode 1: “Wait, What?”

"Wait,What?" - Episode Description

Happy New Year! Welcome back for Season 3 of the Peas and Carrots podcast! Brian and Kayla kick off this episode by sharing all about their Christmas break and the hilarious things they heard people say over the holidays. Then Brian and Kayla dive into an inspiring discussion about what they will be setting down as they leave 2023, and what they are carrying in to 2024. Also, listen in for a surprise visit from Godzilla!


"Wait,What?" - Transcript

 00:00:00 – Announcer
We go together like peas and carrots! The Peas and Carrots Podcast, sharing life from our piece of the vegetable patch Brian and Kayla Sanders.

0:00:11 – Brian
Welcome to season three of the Peas and Carrots Podcast. Hello, I’m Brian. I’m Kayla and Season three miss. I’m peas and I’m, I’m carrots.

0:00:24 – Kayla
This is who we are.

0:00:25 – Brian
This is who we are. So if you want to find out more, go back and listen to the old episode. We there. You just gonna say okay, so Welcome to season.

0:00:35 – Kayla
This is who we are.

0:00:37 – Brian
You know, we ain’t gonna explain ourselves to you people one of us would, but never mind.

0:00:42 – Kayla
So Well, who of us?

0:00:44 – Brian
Would you think you me? She’s the kinder of the two of us.

0:00:47 – Kayla
No, that’s not what I was saying.

0:00:50 – Brian
It doesn’t matter if you say I’m into details.

0:00:53 – Kayla
I will put it that way so okay before we digress, what’s up in the world of peas and carrots?

0:00:59 – Brian
well, we had a peaceful and relaxing Christmas.

0:01:04 – Kayla
We did.

0:01:07 – Brian
I am thankful for that.

0:01:09 – Kayla
It was we had the Friday off before the holiday and the Monday after for Christmas, of course, and, and I should say the weekend, the Friday before, the weekend, the Monday after, and it was four days of just Snacks and movies and reading Christmas story naps.

0:01:32 – Brian
Yeah, it was good, so it was great, and We’ve picked up a new hobby.

0:01:39 – Kayla
I shouldn’t say new, we picked this back up we used to do this all the time we’re working puzzles and we’re puzzling.

0:01:47 – Brian
So, and I get aggravated.

0:01:50 – Kayla
And, I get so tickled at you. This is hard.

0:01:53 – Brian
Like no, and then you say I do something else when we’re puzzling, like I’ll be sitting, you grunt.

0:01:58 – Kayla
It is the funniest thing I don’t hear myself like what you just kind of go. Then it’s when you’re trying to figure something out. You’ll just be trying to piece things together and you go Over and over and over.

0:02:12 – Brian
So we actually have a puzzle at home. We do, and we also have one at the office.

0:02:17 – Kayla
So what started this is. I was reading about ways to Enjoy winter instead of enduring it, and one of those was to tap into things that give you comfort. So I started brainstorming what are some things that, at work, we can do during breaks and downtime? So I just brought a puzzle and I watched the number of team members who have come through our office and just sat down For ten minutes to work the puzzle. I thought, okay, we’re on to something here. And then you told me I’d really like to do a puzzle at home.

So, this weekend we picked up some puzzles.

0:02:55 – Brian
We finished a star, would you like. Star Wars was our first on it. It’s really hard.

0:03:00 – Kayla
Yeah, I and you buy these 500. So we’re going to do another 500 piece puzzle Right.

0:03:05 – Brian
And so when I hear 500 piece, I’m thinking like kitty. And these are not kitty puzzles no no. It kind of aggravate me a little bit. So, ladies and gentlemen, it has begun. So at the time of this recording, there’s chatter about a potential winter storm.

0:03:23 – Kayla
There is potentially Saturday, anywhere from one inch of snow to 10 inches of snow, depending on who you’re listening to.

0:03:30 – Brian
Yes, so yeah, stay tuned. Now I’m going to say this I don’t mind if it snows, I don’t want to be trapped in no house for three days. We’ve got puzzles. I will not be trapped in that house for three days. I will go nuts.

0:03:43 – Kayla
We’ve got puzzles and snacks. Is that better?

0:03:46 – Brian
Like snacks.

0:03:47 – Kayla
There we go.

0:03:48 – Brian
All about snacks.

0:03:52 – Kayla
So we thought we’d have a little fun.

0:03:53 – Brian
She has been so excited about this topic.

0:03:56 – Kayla
She has talked about Going into the holiday I told B I want you to make note of and we did not compare notes before today, but I said I want you to make note of things that you heard or were said over the holidays.

0:04:10 – Brian
I’m just talking about some of what you have written. I said some of these things.

0:04:14 – Kayla
Yeah, you did.

0:04:16 – Brian
That’s wrong.

0:04:17 – Kayla
No, it’s not, so go ahead explain what we’re doing here. There’s may have been broken. You know it’s the holiday, so let’s keep that in mind. But, for example, I overheard the following the weekend before Christmas Any exciting weekend plans? And the response was we’re getting two new toilets for Christmas. You wanted to die, oh my gosh. Well we did get two new toilets for Christmas.

Not for Christmas. Before Christmas, I asked you to please stop telling people that we bought each other a toilet for Christmas. They were pricey. I don’t care, they were not our Christmas presents.

0:05:00 – Brian
I couldn’t find a way to wrap them up, though, so all right, apparently, I said the next one you did. Okay, how’s your leg? Have you thought about putting febrize on it? And I say that a lot.

0:05:17 – Kayla
You meant to say biofries, biofries, but I guess you wanted my leg to be fresh and I don’t know.

0:05:24 – Brian
Well, you don’t stink, I don’t, but I don’t know why I say febrize. But, I got tickled at that. And if you do febrize. I like that, I like the apple cranberry scent.

0:05:33 – Kayla
Okay, good to know, I really say febrize, you said febrize, you did.

0:05:37 – Brian
Well, I got tickled at that Be like that old fella in that big fat Greek wedding.

0:05:41 – Kayla
Windex, windex, windex.

0:05:44 – Brian
On your hip. That’ll fix it.

0:05:46 – Kayla
Actually said, no reference needed. I try not to be a cranky old man, but people get on my nerves.

0:05:56 – Brian
I’m guessing I said that, did I say?

0:05:59 – Kayla
that you did.

0:06:00 – Brian
Well, I’m coming to learn that people don’t have to get on my nerves to be a cranky old man. Oh, all right, I think I’m just cranky. Okay, so that’s just me, okay.

0:06:15 – Kayla
I may have said this one.

0:06:17 – Brian
Okay, is this a glimpse into our retirement years, drinking hot tea and working puzzles?

0:06:23 – Kayla
I just kind of felt like a retirement home.

0:06:26 – Brian
Well, you put that for breeze, that bio freeze on you. I said it there to give you Put that bio freeze.

0:06:32 – Kayla
Bio freeze and we’ve got it lit.

0:06:35 – Brian
And you’ll and we’ll smell like the ward at a nursing home. So where’s that?

0:06:42 – Kayla
Getting a head start. So, may have said I’ve decided I’m not going off the rails with my eating this Christmas. I’ll never forget that. My grand declaration on like Wednesday.

0:06:57 – Brian
And two days later I hear this you think our daily bread still has Christmas sugar cookies. So I went and bought you six. You did.

0:07:07 – Kayla
I was the proud owner of six.

0:07:08 – Brian
They were massive, they were huge.

0:07:09 – Kayla
I ate one for breakfast every day.

0:07:12 – Brian
I didn’t have a second.

0:07:12 – Kayla
Well, I can’t have coffee and a sugar cookie. It was heaven.

0:07:15 – Brian
You were in, yeah.

0:07:17 – Kayla
I swear If I have to hear Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer one more time on the radio.

0:07:23 – Brian
All the time that and that rocking around the Christmas tree, and that.

0:07:29 – Kayla
Now disclaimer. You love Christmas music, but there’s a window of time for you.

0:07:34 – Brian
There’s a window of time and have a holly jolly After the 80th time I’m ready to. You know you’re not as holly and jolly I’m sick of it, okay. Man. I really am a cranky old man. I need to pray a little bit more.

0:07:51 – Kayla
This one made me laugh. I had to turn around in the store.

0:07:57 – Brian
We were at Target and we were buying cough syrup because we had to restock something. And we’re buying this cough syrup and the young lady checking us out at Target says sir, I need to see your ID to see if you’re old enough to buy that cough syrup. And she go ahead and she’s serious Like I. First I paused and looked at her, but she was here. My beard is what color, Miss Kayla?

0:08:24 – Kayla
Well, it’s gray and white, it’s gray and white in her defense.

0:08:28 – Brian
She was a newer team member.

0:08:30 – Kayla
I don’t care, she was just doing a job.

0:08:32 – Brian
A monkey can tell me how old I am.

0:08:35 – Kayla
Your next one. We were at Olive Garden and what did you hear?

0:08:40 – Brian
As we were leaving, somebody said wow, that’s a big noodle. They were like I’ve never heard that before at Olive Garden. It’s how you in restaurant.

0:08:51 – Kayla
They weren’t going to be hungry when they were. No, but I mean okay.

0:08:56 – Brian
So we’re in Barnes and Noble, we’re in Barnes and Noble and you’re in your little area and I’m in my area and I usually go to the Christian section and I’m in the Bible section. I like to look at that kind of stuff and there’s a clerk and there’s a customer.

0:09:12 – Kayla
Okay, there’s a service desk right near the Christian section.

0:09:16 – Brian
So at the Barnes and Noble, this customer asked the clerk for an audio book and the clerk says sir, we don’t sell audio books, you download it to your phone. The customer said I have it on my phone, I can listen to it on my phone, I just want the audio so I can take it anywhere. Now it’s at that point. I tune in because this cat Hold up a second yes, he says I have it on my phone.

Take your phone with you, exactly. And the clerk, who is now confused, says sir, if you have on your phone, you can take it anywhere. And the guy says well, what if I lose my phone? Like I’m trying hard not to stare, like is this, like I’m thinking I’m on an episode of something, okay? He says what if I lose my phone? I still want the audio version. The clerk says if you sync it across devices, then you can listen to it on any device. And the customer says I guess I’m after. What I’m after is the audio, so I can take it anywhere. Now here’s my. Does this guy think that the audio can fit in your hand? Like?

0:10:24 – Kayla
in his defense.

0:10:26 – Brian
No, no, there is no defense. Stop it. You’re being too nice to people. Stop it.

0:10:32 – Kayla
I’m wondering if he meant like with a kindle or something. Well, kindles don’t have audio, do they?

0:10:40 – Brian
Probably but, he’s got a phone.

0:10:41 – Kayla
Okay, you’re getting a little wound up about this.

0:10:44 – Brian
You go in there and you ask for an audio book.

0:10:46 – Kayla
Okay, Walter, we’re moving on now.

0:10:49 – Brian
I don’t appreciate. Do you want to tell people why you call me Walter?

0:10:53 – Kayla
Because sometimes you act like a cranky old man. And there’s the mannequin.

0:10:57 – Brian
There’s the Jeff Dunham and puppet that he calls Walter.

0:11:01 – Kayla
We were out to dinner on New Year’s Eve.

0:11:02 – Brian
Well, I’m not done with this fella. No, we’re done.

0:11:04 – Kayla
No, we’re done. We’re done with this fella. We’re moving on. New Year’s Eve, fast forward, wonderful dinner. You ordered the prime rib, you have this. They brought out half a cow.

0:11:13 – Brian
I asked how big the steak was. Seriously, I wanted to be too big and he said 10 ounces. It was huge that steak had to be.

0:11:20 – Kayla
You got three meals out of it.

0:11:22 – Brian
It was massive y’all, and so I couldn’t eat any of all of it. I had to eat about a third of it, okay.

0:11:29 – Kayla

0:11:31 – Brian
Well, when they deliver it now we’ve struck up a conversation and a friendship with the owner during this time they deliver the prime rib and the owner walks by and he goes, ooh, says you’re the first customer to have ordered that this evening. I’m looking forward. I’m excited to see you eat that. Now, wait a minute. I ain’t going to sit here and let you watch me eat this, but I’d sit there and eat it. He’d come by and he’d fist bump me and that kind of stuff.

0:11:54 – Kayla
But he wanted to make sure you were enjoying your meal. So we did. We sent our best regards to the chefs they had done an amazing job and to our friends who live in the New River Valley or even if you’re within like an hour or two of Christiansburg, go to Bull and Bones in Christiansburg.

0:12:11 – Brian
It’s incredible you will enjoy it was amazing, your meal.

0:12:15 – Kayla
It was stellar.

0:12:17 – Brian
You had filet medallions.

0:12:19 – Kayla
I got filet medallions with grilled shrimp and sweet potato casserole.

0:12:23 – Brian
They were in a garlic butter sauce.

0:12:26 – Kayla
Yeah. So, and sweet potatoes and broccoli.

0:12:30 – Brian
It was good.

0:12:30 – Kayla
It was very, very good.

0:12:31 – Brian
It was. I’ll just tell you that the Bull and Bones in Christiansburg had a thing going. It was called Old Farts, new Year’s Eve, okay, and they were going to drop a ball Toasting at 9 pm yeah. Toast at 9 o’clock and drop this ball at 9 o’clock, so everybody go home and go to bed Now. Our reservations were at 7.

0:12:48 – Kayla
We made it to 8.30. Okay, then went home.

0:12:52 – Brian
Right, because we live two minutes from the restaurant.

0:12:54 – Kayla
Yeah. So, yeah, it was fun. I mean yeah, it was great.

0:12:58 – Brian
I’d say go to Bull and Bones.

0:12:59 – Kayla
Yes, definitely give them a chance.

0:13:04 – Brian
All right, it’s time to get serious.

0:13:06 – Kayla
Just for a minute.

0:13:07 – Brian

0:13:08 – Kayla
But we welcome you to join us in this.

0:13:10 – Brian

0:13:12 – Kayla
There’s a lot of things coming out of 2023. You’re seeing it, whether people want to call it their intentions or their goals, or they want to talk about, Resolutions.

Their word for the year, or we’re kind of putting a different spin on this, because for us, honestly, for the first time in a long time, you and I have chosen a word for the year. We feel God leading us in a certain direction. That’s not what we’re going to share today, though. We’ve been asking each other this question, I guess technically two questions what are we setting down as we leave 2023? What are we hoping to leave in 2023?nAnd what are we carrying into 2024? And so we just something to think about. If you’re really struggling with, well, I don’t have goals, I don’t have resolutions, it’s not a bad thing, but what are some things in your mind and in your heart? You know, I need to put this down and leave it there, and in 2024, I’m going to pick this up and carry it. So be give us an example.

0:14:27 – Brian
I’m going to put down that everyone has to love and accept me. I’m going to leave that behind, going to try, Because that’s a big struggle for me and I’m going to pick up that Jesus and Miss Kayla love and accept me Now. For me that’s a big deal because I want everybody to be happy and I feel love and appreciated when I mean, that’s just how I’m wired and it’s brokenness and that’s something I’ve been reading about lately. So I’m gonna try and leave that behind, that Brian is still okay and that it’s enough that Jesus and you love me. So that’s me. That’s my first you.

0:15:14 – Kayla
Kind of along the same thought process. What is going on? You just picked up a Godzilla and sat it down in front of you.

0:15:23 – Brian
I just don’t worry about him, Keep going. Things are gonna leave things are gonna leave. Godzilla is apparently not one of them. I’ve been watching a lot of movies. I just wanted to.

0:15:34 – Kayla
Okay, can you pay attention?

0:15:38 – Brian
What do you think? The answer to that question is no. Okay, then why are we asking?

0:15:44 – Kayla
I am going to put down other people’s expectations and their disappointment, and what I mean by that is you and I are both wired that we want everyone around us, everyone to be happy, to be comfortable. We wanna make sure that nobody is disappointed in us or disappointed in something that they expected of us. But I’m going to pick up just doing my best to love others well, practicing healthy boundaries and living into what God has called me to do, and if any of that is a disappointment to someone, then I’m gonna have to let them sit with that.

0:16:32 – Brian
And this is.

0:16:33 – Kayla
And that’s gonna be hard. Well, I just didn’t always go share this much.

0:16:36 – Brian
I mean, I’m kind of Well I didn’t know Godzilla was joining our podcast.

0:16:39 – Kayla
He is always in here, but here we are.

0:16:41 – Brian
Okay, I wanted to take a picture to promote the podcast.

0:16:44 – Kayla
Onto your next one. Well, I’m not sure how he fits, but anyway Onto your next one.

0:16:51 – Brian
All the hate for Godzilla, I’m gonna put down managing and leading toward a bank balance instead of chasing a dream, and that’s something that’s been really impressed upon.

0:17:03 – Kayla
For our organization, for the organization For the organization. Because I’m continuing to pursue our bank balance at home. Yes, I understand. Okay, very good.

0:17:12 – Brian
Okay, because you need a dream to chase.

0:17:15 – Kayla

0:17:16 – Brian
You need a.

0:17:17 – Kayla
And some wise advisors nudged you on this, so I’m glad to see it.

0:17:22 – Brian
I love them.

0:17:23 – Kayla
So this one scares me. But, I’m going, I’m done with him, okay.

0:17:30 – Brian
You should see the look I’m getting.

0:17:33 – Kayla
I am setting down, playing it safe, and I am picking up doing a lot of things this year that scare me, but I will show up and this is in my work and personal life. Let us pray.

0:17:48 – Brian
You’re saying you’re gonna get a little bit more spots.

0:17:52 – Kayla
Not even promised that. There’s no spontaneity in that. That word wasn’t in there. Don’t be.

0:17:58 – Brian
don’t be reading, All right, I apologize, I did not see that word there. Okay, I’m going to put down that food. Feels a hole in my heart. I’m picking up what Jesus says about me and what Jesus is that. He’s enough. He’s good. The only thing with all my food, with my full allergies, with my wish I had full allergies, but with my food allergies, the only thing I can really sneak off and get now would be like tacos and but you don’t do that.

You really don’t. Not much. Since I got food allergies, I risked chicken. You have a good potato chip. I do, and I love chicken tendies, but they came back to bite me one day. Chicken tendies, that’s what the kids call them. What, okay, you don’t think that’s what kids call them.

0:18:46 – Kayla
Tenders, but okay.

0:18:48 – Brian
They are called chicken tendies. Okay, really, that’s what the kids Okay, kids call them chicken tendies okay.

0:18:56 – Kayla
Okay, if you say so.

0:18:59 – Brian
You call them Chicken tenders. Well, if you go on the Instagram, Okay.

0:19:05 – Kayla
I’ll take your word for it.

0:19:07 – Brian
They’re called chicken tendies.

0:19:08 – Kayla
I’m old now to touch and I’m good with that, so I Am going to come back to my last one and skip down, so Kind of in agreement with you, and again we did not come here.

0:19:20 – Brian
Here’s a moment say that again.

0:19:22 – Kayla
Kind of in agreement with you. We agree about a lot, just not Godzilla. I’m going to set down my love of junk food and if you’ve listened to any of our episodes where I’ve confessed I have a very strong Like of sugar and all things that are sweet chicken tendies. Well, I do like chicken tenders, but yes, but this year I am adding nutrition to my health journey and our trainer is actually going to be advising us on ways to make wise food choices so not only are we doing the yeah like the workout with our trainer this year but,

0:20:02 – Brian
we’re also picking up nutrition, oh he should pay me for eating this stuff he’s putting in front of us. No, not really yes, but he’s just giving you advice.

0:20:14 – Kayla
So there’s that he’s not forcing food on you. I think he is.

0:20:19 – Brian
I’m going to put down the fear of people being unhappy when I make certain decisions and I’m picking up, I’m picking back up that I am to lead the last three years or so have been really hard to lead through COVID.

0:20:33 – Kayla
Coming out of COVID. Yes kind of survival mode. Yes and Dancing delicately around and you’re coming out of it.

0:20:44 – Brian
I’m coming out of it, okay, so.

0:20:46 – Kayla
My final one is I am setting down my mindless television watching and doom scrolling on my phone. I Want to read at least one book a week.

0:20:57 – Brian

0:20:59 – Kayla
For me I’ve set limits for myself with social media. I actually have set the app to where it tells me you’ve hit your daily limit and I have. I started this back in December that Instagram to tell you yes back at the first of December, I learned from someone that you can actually set your Instagram to tell you that it’s time to log off.

0:21:23 – Brian
I’m not ready to take that plunge.

0:21:24 – Kayla
I didn’t think I was and, but I did it and it’s probably one of the best things I’ve ever done, really.

0:21:30 – Brian
So I’m only average. Respond to certain reels I share with you.

0:21:34 – Kayla
It’s why I don’t respond to a lot, and it’s not because I don’t love people, oh, it’s just that that’s not a priority of mine.

0:21:42 – Brian
Text me, I’ll text you back, but Instagram is so if I text you a real, will you see it that way?

0:21:48 – Kayla
No, you need to stop. I will continue to enjoy social media, but just in smaller doses. I will enjoy shows and movies with you.

0:21:59 – Brian
We just started watching.

0:22:00 – Kayla
But I want them to add value, not just fill time. I’d rather fill it with books.

0:22:06 – Brian
We just started rewatching.

0:22:07 – Kayla
No down to Nami.

0:22:08 – Brian
That’s trying to say it right. I want to say downtown, but it’s down to nothing. So all right, so there you go.

0:22:15 – Kayla
So there you are.

0:22:16 – Brian
There’s season three, episode one in the can, as the professionals say, hey, we want to continue to send you.

0:22:31 – Kayla
We would love to gift somebody a coffee mug and some stickers. So for the first two people, I mean, we’ve done more than two at one time. If you go to our website, look for the trivia button. If you click that, what is our website be?

0:22:48 – Brian
peas and carrots podcast.

0:22:50 – Kayla
So, if you’ll go there, click the trivia button. Answer the question.

0:22:53 – Brian
This week’s question is oh, what is one thing you’re carrying into 2024? What’s one thing you’re going to do in 2024?

0:23:02 – Kayla
So share that with us. Be brave, tell us what you’re doing and we may check in on you later in the year.

0:23:08 – Brian
Just see how probably not, she probably will I probably won’t. I will check. She’s the nicer one of the two.

0:23:15 – Kayla
But go to our website answer the question. We have adorable stickers. I think they’re adorable and we hear they are from various people use the word adorable. That’s okay, but you do like the mug, I do. It’s a nice mug, so again our way.

0:23:29 – Brian
Our website is peas and carrots podcast calm. You look for the trivia button. Click that and answer this question.

0:23:35 – Kayla
What is one thing you are carrying into 2024?

0:23:39 – Brian
Hey, thanks for listening this week. You can search the peas and carrots podcast wherever you get your podcast, or visit our website at peas and carrots podcast common. When you do, don’t forget to subscribe to the podcast and when you go there to our website or find us on social media, drop a line about how appreciative you are that, like the Godzilla made an appearance in this week’s episode. You Should see the look why are you.

0:24:08 – Kayla
You can follow us on Facebook and Instagram. No requirement to reference Godzilla, just search for them.

0:24:17 – Brian
He’s very in carrots.

0:24:19 – Kayla
He has no feelings.

0:24:20 – Brian
Do you know, if you watch the Godzilla movie backward? It’s about a benevolent it’s. It’s about this loving lizard who rebuilds a town.

0:24:27 – Kayla
I’m done.

0:24:28 – Announcer
For more about the Peas and Carrots Podcast and to reach out to Brian and Kayla, visit peas and carrots podcast. Calm, growing through the challenges we face and finding hope along the way. That’s the Jesus Fix It Podcast with Jess. Check out Jesus Fix It calm or search Jesus fix it wherever you listen to podcasts.